A Shift of Tides…

Published November 20, 2012 by cloudsofvioletshades

Hey guys, Sorry I didn’t get to posting on Monday, but thought a bad day of the week didn’t need bad news.

To get to the point, I think I’ll be Less involved while I write, design, edit, direct, create, film, and pull together a basic movie. I’ll probably still add some photo’s every now and then, and maybe a progress post, but don’t expect me to be a major part for a while. I’ll be putting lots of free time into this movie, and that time has to come from somewhere…..

I’m really sorry if anyone out there was, for some reason, interested in what I had to say, And I thank you if you were.

With Love, Andy.


Andy’s Attempt

Published November 17, 2012 by cloudsofvioletshades

Hi Guys! It’s Andy, and I’m feeling rebellious like Jo and decided I’m Going to post a story I’m trying to write! I know it’s not as good as the one and only Jo’s, but it’s an effort. Just imagine years in the future after massive amounts of war have pulled on the Earth and mankind…..

   A fire blazed in the city I once called home as the wind carried the smell of smoke to the hill I was standing on. I watched as another mn ran by me to get to the group of people evacuating, who were now continuing behind me. I wasn’t going to let myself join them. Their methods were wrong. They say they want to survive, they say it was their goal, yet I watched them slit the throat of my brother just because he was accused of having the Screan.

   A tear rolled down my check and i closed my eyes. I had to try and survive on my own, even though my chances were slim. I had to survive, survive for my brother.

  “Are you a screan?” A man asked me, and I opened my eyes to see the barrel of a gun pointed at my face.

   “No.” I said clearly. I met his eyes to try and look strong, but I knew they were full of fear.

   The man studied my face with hard eyes and a tense hand on the trigger, but the softened and pulled the gun away.

  “I couldn’t shoot you without knowing for sure if you were a Screan, but don’t you dare join that group. Half of them saw me almost kill you, and if you lose it and kill everyone their, I’m not getting blamed” He gestured to the group getting farther and farther away from us.

   He turned and ran away, speeding towards the group I wasn’t allowed to go with. I watched as he came up and just melted in, acting as if he didn’t almost kill someone. He turned around and looked at me, and i thought i saw a sad smile one his face, but couldn’t tell for sure. He turned back and never once looked at me again. No one did.

    Ever since the bombs were dropped and the wars broke out three years ago, I was never truly alone. My father was with us until Europe released the accidentally dropped the Screan on Seattle and he caught it. He took his own life after hearing that our neighbor killed his entire family under its effects. My Brother, Kaven, and me lasted together untill the Invaders came up from Mexico and set the city ablaze. The evacuations wouldn’t take anyone with the Screan, and killed you if you were simply accused of it. That’s what happened to Kaven, and I was left with the people rushing out of the city. Now, even they were gone.

   I started back towards the city with no goal in mind, Maybe I could find my brother’s body and give him a proper burial, or at least die trying. As I was thinking of this, two shapes edged by the burning flames caught my attention. One appeared to be a women, the other a man.

   “Please, Please! You have to help me! Theirs four of us, stuck, Please!” The women pleaded desperately.

    “Women, get off me. I can’t help you!” the man said.

    “You don’t understand. Please come!” The women pulled on the man’s arm, attempting to drag him to the city, and I saw it before she did; The glint of a gun to the orange flames.

   “Where are they?” I shouted.

    The attention turned rapidly to me, both of them distracted, The women by hope and the man by curiosity.

    “8065 West Sugle-” A gunshot cut her off, and I knew I had to find them.

    I ran towards the flames with a new energy driven by anger and destination. I saw the man point the gun at me and heard the shot. I felt the pain as the bullet struck my arm and noticed it suddenly go slack. I didn’t stop. I didn’t Falter. I couldn’t. I had four lives to save. When they were safe I could die.

   “You Fool! You’re Gonna Get Yourself Killed!” The man screamed, but I didn’t register it, I just kept running.

Another Update

Published November 16, 2012 by cloudsofvioletshades

Hi! It’s Jo.  Andy and Angel might have noticed that I’m not posting on my day. But I feel rebellious today so… I’m not listening… Anyways after much thinking I decided that my story concerning the Footman is going to be a three part-er. So today I’m going to post Part Two! It will be in the same page as Part One so just scroll down to the bottom and you should find it. 🙂


Pleasent Pictures

Published November 15, 2012 by cloudsofvioletshades

Okay, follow-up on my pictures… I GOT THEM POSTED! Look at the tab under Andy’s Eye to see them. I have 2 new nature shots, and a pair of shoes…. that are my favorite little flats! Fell free to comment or question!


Andy’s Amazing Attitude

Published November 15, 2012 by cloudsofvioletshades

Hey guys! Today is AMAZING! (as you may have guessed) To sum it up will be very hard, but i will try for you!

1) I learned how to play part of Smoke on the Water on my guitar!

2) I took a walk with some friends and got some great pictures to edit and post!

3) It was the 13th day of the Month!

4)I finally got an idea on how to involve YOU! Yes, YOU! YOU as in the reader of this!

More details and follow ups later! For now, Have an Illuminating Evening!


PS: I know it’s not Monday, but Jo’s posting so randomly and I couldn’t let her be the only one with posts off her day. (HINT HINT JO)