First Story

Published November 7, 2012 by cloudsofvioletshades

Hey y’all, it’s Jo. Enjoy this moment, it’ll probably the one and only time I’ll post on a Wednesday. Since I have an uncommon amount of free time I thought I might post Part One of my first story. Enjoy~

“Alright.” said Jane as she finished tightening my corset. “Go put your dress on.”

“I can hardly breathe!” I squeaked.

“That’s the point.” said Maurice. “This is the Hampton’s Cotillion, it’s the social event of the season and you’ve missed it the past four years ever since you’ve gone to that silly boarding school in England. Thank God it burned down and classes were cancelled for six months so they could rebuild and you came back home. Now get your dress on!”

“Fine…” I said, grumbling. I stepped behind the screen and slid my dress on. I adjusted it around my shoulders and stepped out.

“Oh my goodness Cristie you look amazing!’ said Jane.

“I’ve never seen you look so good! exclaimed Maurice.

“That makes me feel better Maurice, thanks.” I said sarcastically.

“Come on girls the carriage is here!” our Mother called.

“Coming Mother!” we replied. We grabbed our purses and headed downstairs. Our dresses swished as we walked down the hall. As we approached the door Mother said;

“Why Cristie , don’t you look marvelous tonight!’

“Thank you Mother.” I said.

“A big improvement from your usual drab clothing.” commented my Aunt Mary.

“Thank you Auntie…” I said questioningly. We walked to the carriage along the path that the butler had swept clean of snow. When we got to the we got the carriage a handsome footman took my hand and helped me into the carriage . As I stepped in I looked down and caught the eye of the footman. He winked at me as he closed the door. I sat down, slightly confused, on the luxurious velvet seat of the carriage. Several seconds later I heard a the snap of a whip and felt the carriage start moving with a lurch. We were off.

Part Two will be posted as soon as possible. Please tell me what you think!


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