All About Andy

Hi! I’m Andromeda, Andy for short. Basically, i was named after a constalation that has quite a story. See, a sea monster threatened a small kingdom, and as a peace offering, the king chaned his only daughter, Andromeda, to a rock that faced the water sp the sea monster could eat her. But before the monster had his offering, a hero came and slayed it and saved Andromeda. Of course, it ends like all other stories and the two get married and so forth. Yet somehow, Andromeda’s constelation will forever be her chained to the rock, her being remembered as a perfect image of a damsel in distress.

But that’s not me.

I’m a girl who’s hit rock bottom, fallen so far, and is still here being happy.

I’m spunky, funny, borring, loud, shy, unperdictably perdictable, a contradition to hamanity, an honest liar, and someday i’m going to open a little shop, just not sure what kind.

My favortie things in life are mysteries, unperdictable outcomes, risks, and chances. I like to put time and intrest into things you have no way of knowing the outcome until it’s done, like this blog. I love the feeling of anxiety as you wait for the coin to land or the ticket to be drawn. That feeing where you know it wont happen but you know it will, where you feel so heavy, but so light that if you don’t hold onto something you’ll float away. That butterfly-ish feeling.

Yeah, I’m strange.

My favorite season is fall, my favorite type of weather is when it sorms and thunder shakes the house, My favorite flavor is watermelon, and my faveorite color changes every day. I rely on music and photos to capture life and reflect how i feel. I also enjoy quotes to portray my mood. I find it amusing when you cast out a large word or phrase and no one understands and like to be known as a confusing person.

I hate the word “drawer” and when people say “have a good one” i’m allways tempted to ask a good one what. I hate the sound of cupcake pans banging together and hate making children cry. My least favorite subject in school is human body and i wil never ever be a dentist or doctor.

So basically, that’s me in a nut shell. Have fun on your journeys, travles, and days spent on the couch.



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