About Jo

Hey guys, I’m Jo (obviously) after Jo March in Little Women. Alright, once a week I will be posting an original story of mine or part of an unfinished story and sometimes I’ll feature a story of one of my other friends’s. Feel free to criticize, I take it pretty well, just be sure to do it constructively!

Other things about me:

-Books: I love to read. Some of my favorite books are Harry Potter, Little Women, The Diamond of Drury Lane (no relation the the muffin man) The Hobbit, The Golden Compass. I could go on forever. And I’m always looking for more suggestions, *hint hint*

-TV and Music: My favorite TV show is Doctor Who (a British sci-fi show about a time traveler, for those of you who don’t know, for those of you who do… BADWOLF.) My favorite band is Coldplay (favorite song by them: The Scientist) I also really like Taylor Swift and Classical music.

-Band: I am in my school’s band. I play the saxophone in concert band and I am a Color Guard in marching band.

-Other stuff: I’m a Libra, I am a grammar police and my pride and joy is the notebook I write stories in.

-My favorite…

-Color: Everything

-Word(s): Nostalgic/Nostalgia, Blathering, Whimsical, Allons-y, about ten million more…

-Animal: Cats. I have two at home named Sugar and Spice.


Sugar is the white and orange one and Spice is the all orange one

-Things: Steampunk, Old telephones, Vintage stuff (especially clothing), Old books, Berets, Tea, Popcorn, Swimming, Baking.

-Quote: Sally Sparrow- “I love old things, they make me sad.”

Kathy Nightingale- “What’s good about sad?”

Sally Sparrow- “It’s happy for deep people”

I think that’s it… Um… If you have any questions just put them in the comment section below!



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